Mountains of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA

It’s been a (long) while since I last posted something here. I’ve recently got a DJI Mavic Mini which is just incredible. I took it near a resorvir and it was really cool seeing the mountains from an elevated perspective.

Update: I put together a video from the drone as well.

LAX Plane Spotting

Los Angeles, CA

I visited my good friend An who was working in Venice at the time. Since it was during Christmas time and neither of us had anything better to do, we roamed around the city, ate some really good food, and had a really relaxing time. One of the things we did is plane spotting at LAX. This website has great information about where the best spots are.

CMU Carnival

Pittsburgh, PA

I took some pictures of two local bands playing at CMU Carnival. They are hosted on my Behance site. Go check them out.